The first step for every project, is to discuss the design brief. This is to establish the objective, deliverables and budget. If you don’t have one written up, don’t worry, as we can have a chat and put one together.

The second stage is the research phase. This is a very important part of the design process, as this will define the direction of the branding/design project. This generally comprises of researching into main competitors, target audience and getting a feel of what you like to give me inspiration.

Once the design direction has been established, the design concept stage can begin. This is when the fun begins, and ideas start to come to life.

The next stage is to refine, and develop the concept and do any proofing and editing that may be needed. This is also when the final content is approved.

Once the final design has been established and signed off, the final artwork will be sent over and delivered in all formats for web/social media and print.

To get started simply contact me today.